Wood Carver Allen Wiebe

Allen is a Calgary, Alberta artist who has always loved working in metal and wood. His innovative industrial products sell world-wide and have brought him the prestigious Manning Award for innovative industrial design.

Several styles influence Allen’s art. The “Woodland” style along with Tom Thompson and the Group of Seven.


Allen spends considerable time studying other artists. In the Canada Series the native "Woodland Style",  the Group Of Seven, Ted Harrison and Lisa Brawn are all seen.

The Process

Allen doodles with colored sharpies then makes black and white copies which are glued onto Maple boards. He then carves the image by hand with a hand held router. The carving is painted with acrylic paint and a lacquer finish is applied.


Allen will be back at The Haywire Cafe in Longview starting in May, 2019.


In the mean time you can view his work at Pizza on Pointe











You can now see my work at Pizza on Pointe

Directions - Heritage Pointe

Make sure you try their amazing pizza!

NEW WORK   "Fossil Fuel Museum 2" Acrylic on carved Maple,  34" x  44"


New work zoom 1

"I was thinking of a future Calgary with a dried up Bow River and the Bow Building housing a Fossil Fuel Museum. I'll leave further interpretation up to you." -Allen Wiebe